Sunday, July 29, 2007

Cancer + Not Cancer =

Here's one of those messy non-narrative posts that I hoped to avoid. We not-so-proudly present the following mix of news and administrativa:

A friend mentioned to me that when he saw posts titled "Not Cancer!" he at first thought it meant my diagnosis had been a mistake. He's got a point: from now on, I'll use the tag "not cancer" when I'm posting something unrelated to my illness, but will omit it from the title.

Also, I recently discovered that people without a Blogger account were blocked from commenting. I corrected that setting, so comment away as yourself, or as your evil twin.

A couple of recent FAQs about my illness:

When is your next chemotherapy session?

We're going in tomorrow (Monday) morning. They scheduled the rest of my treatments for every other Monday.

How's the nausea/your appetite?

The drugs do a great job, but it does come and go. Last week the odor of garlic salami, which I normally love, induced gagging. Also, I can't drink more than two swallows of beer before something in my body (probably my overtaxed liver) says "enough." Then, I have my good days. Yesterday, we went to Hot Doug's, possibly the only hotdog stand in the world with a reputation among fine-dining gastronomes. FYI, the Catalonian pork sausage with saffron rouille and 12-month Montelarreina Manchego cheese was excellent, as were the duck fat fries.

Someone else's photo set from Hot Doug's

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