Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday Music: Les Irresistibles

Four boys in mod attire + three zippy euro sports cars + smokin' Farfisa organ solo = inert film-making. The director must have been inexperienced/bored/depressed...there has to be an explanation. Les Irrestibles were American expats living in Paris, and this was on the top of the charts in 1968.


Larry said...

Hey E,

Did you see today's (Sunday's) Chicago Tribune? They did an investigation into Chicago aldermens' rampant acceptance of donations from developers to approve "upzoning" exceptions - giant McMansions cheek-by-jowl with bungalows. How cash, clout trnasform Chicago neighborhoods is the headline. And they featured one couple whose getting hemmed in on both sides. Their place is right around the corner from you. Thanks, Alderman Colon! You ruined a perfectly nice street all for a whopping $500. (Actually, he's not nearly one of the worst offenders).

Erica and I send you our best. Say hi to hubby.

Anonymous said...

This video makes me nostalgic. I did a little online research and found out these are old scopitones I used to waste money on scopitone videos when I'd get homesick while in the army in Germany in the late 60s,early 70s.

Makes me wish I had purchased a Triumph TR4 back in the 60s =(
Truly haunting melody..Love It!!
Say Hi to Joe for me.

The Fifty Foot Blogger said...

clout has always been a problem in the city, and its been applied to every way to make a buck--real estate being the latest. As an architect friend said, looking at some cheap-looking (overpriced) condos in Wicker Park, "slums of the future."

Hi to you guys, and thanks for checking in!

The Fifty Foot Blogger said...

I knew you would identify those cars for me. Yeah, I'm addicted to these old Scopitones!