Thursday, March 6, 2008

Stop the Beardness

It's should be over. For God's sake, the New York Times said it was trendy in 2006, so why are we still seeing these crusty-looking beards on 25-year-olds? Tonight, while I was walking home, a man emerged from my alley holding what looked like a bunched-up plastic bag. He was wearing a hunter's cap with earflaps, wrinkled work pants, a flannel shirt, and had a long, matted beard. Another beard-core hipster, I thought to myself, and stared at him a little too long. "Hiyah sweetie, " he mumbled. He looked a little unsteady. I could then see that he had a Forty in the bag, and was probably closer to 50 than 25. Just an ordinary neighborhood drunk, unaware that he looked trendy.

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