Saturday, January 24, 2009


The following was overheard in one trip on the 15 East Colfax Avenue bus in Denver.

Elderly woman (picking up her backpack): "Would you like to sit?"
Young guy: "Oh, yeah...thanks."
EW: "I live in a shelter."
YG: "Umm..hmmm"
EW: "Actually, I live in TWO shelters. They both wake me up at 7:00 in the morning, and then I go to the 'Y' and swim. You know why?"
YG: (shakes his head)
EW: "They are trying to put their sper-mat-a-ZO-a in me--while I'm SLEEPING! You have to exercise to EXPELLLL them!"
YG: (stares blankly into space)

She continued on like this for blocks.

Teenage boy, while stepping out the back door: "I hate faggots!" Someone replying, from the back of the bus: "@#!%*!"

A couple was sitting across the aisle and slightly behind me.

Man: "What's the Mexican national anthem?"
Woman: "I don't know, what is the Mexican national anthem?"
Man (singing): "Jose can you see..."
Man: "What do you call a Mexican guy who looks white?"
Woman: "Shhh! You're too loud."
Man: "El Paso." (laughs uproariously)

The get up to leave the bus and I get a good look at them. They both appear to be Hispanic.

I'm staying down the street from the beautiful old Union Station building. Photo by Phil Romans. Copyright Commons, some rights reserved.

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