Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday Music: Leonard Cohen

At age 74, Leonard Cohen is on tour. Tickets for his Chicago show go on sale tomorrow and holy crap...the best seats are going for $258! It's understandable; his return to live performance is sensational. Cohen hasn't toured in 15 years, spending five of those at a Zen monastery. In the meantime, his business manager absconded with most of his savings (estimated at $5 million), and the publishing rights to his music. Will I try to get tickets? Perhaps, although I always seem to have lousy luck with these online rushes.*

The performance above is "The Future," from the same-named album, released in 1992.

"On The Road, For Reasons Practical and Spiritual." The New York Times [Link]

*Sold Out, from Chicago to Boston. Ticket brokers are offering deals from $300 to $950 per seat.

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