Saturday, November 17, 2007

Amusing Searches

At long last, The Fifty Foot Blogger has accumulated a few mildly amusing keyword searches. Google Analytics collects general information on traffic to this blog, including web search keywords used to lead visitors here. And just to head this bit of paranoia off at the pass: NO I CANNOT TELL EXACTLY WHO IS READING THIS. Your net privacy is safe with me, the-only-person-I-know-in-Reno.

My favs:

people who should be my friends on Myspace
attack of the 50 foot hooker
fifty foot nose
frenzy feet blog

Like I said, mildly amusing. A few years ago, the online 'zine, Library Juice, published a definitive list of funny Google searches leading to their website. I can only dream of having magnificent searches like "precolumbian porn," "i want pakistani girls picture clean no sexy," and "is cannibalism legal?" bringing visitors to this humble blog.

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