Friday, November 2, 2007

Bad News, and Badder News

I hope it doesn't come in threes. Bad news, that is. I was having a perfectly lovely lunch hour: grilled cheese sandwich at Gina's, a a visit to Columbia to see the Girl on Guy exhibit and the discovery of very nice wine and food store in the south Loop. It's when I got back to the office that the day took a nose-dive. I recently applied for a travel grant, one which many of my colleagues have received in the past. The rejection letter was waiting in my inbox. OK, that was a bummer. It will be more so as I find out which of my coworkers did receive the grant.

I guess the Fates decided I needed another one, so I received a call first from the MRI technician at BCH, and then from the surgeon, Dr. B. There's an additional mass behind the big one, the one that was reduced by chemo. He recommended another biopsy. It's Friday afternoon and I can't seem to find anyone in, so I get to stew about it all weekend. Maybe that's number three. I hope so.


celia said...

Sorry to hear about the bad news detracting from what would have been a perfectly pleasant afternoon. I really like that Warehouse Liquors store, too, partially because it looks like such a skeezy hole in the wall until you go inside. They recommended a nice whiskey that I got for Jack's birthday. I hope you get some good news soon, or at least some more information on the latest prognosis. Do you think you'll be able to meet up next Friday? Hope so. Or maybe I'll see you Monday at MARIL? Let's get together soon. It has been too long.

The Fifty Foot Blogger said...

Sorry I missed MARIL, Celia. It's my "day" off before going out to the 'burbs. I'm still up for Friday, though. :)

Jagmenace said...

Hey, just read this and wanted to let you know I am sorry on all counts! Except for the liquor store.