Friday, April 11, 2008

Les Sucettes

France Gall and deliciously sleazy Serge Gainsbourg, singing about a girl's love for anise-flavored suckers. Tragically, the version where Gall is accompanied by dancers dressed as giant sucettes was pulled from YouTube. A pic of real frenchie sucettes is here. Gall insisted that she had no idea that the song, which was written by Gainsbourg, could be perceived as a double entendre.

Annie aime les sucettes
Les sucettes à l'anis
Les sucettes à l'anis
Donnent à ses baisers
Un goût ani-
sé lorsque le sucre d'orge
parfumé à l'anis
Coule dans la gorge d'Annie
Elle est au paradis

Annie likes lollipops,
Anise-flavored lollipops,
Annie's anise-flavored lollipops
give her kisses
an anise taste
And when the barley sugar
flavored with anise
trickles down Annie's throat
she is in paradise.

Have a restful weekend.

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