Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday Music: Lee Hazlewood

In 1970, after a long career writing and producing hits for other artists (Duane Eddy, Dean Martin and Nancy Sinatra, among others), Lee Hazlewood went to Stockholm to make a television special, A Cowboy in Sweden. He later recorded an album of the same name, the first of several produced in Sweden. 13 was released in 1972, and has been a sought-after rarity among collectors on this side of the Atlantic. The label Smells Like Records reissued the album, which is how I happened to hear a couple of the songs in a mix someone made for me. "Ten or Eleven Towns Ago" has one of the best rhymes in the history of pop music: "San Francisco" and "Nabisco."

"Lee Hazlewood" Wikipedia [Link]
Smells Like Records [Link]

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