Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday Music: The Mekons

It's been a great week for music. On Thursday evening, I caught the Mekons at Schuba's. The core band members been performing together nearly continuously since they were art students in Leeds, England, back in the 70s. And wow, rock and roll will keep you young; Jon Langford danced like he was on fire, and Sally Timms still sent middle-aged hearts a-flutter with her blond eyelashes and impish way. A bit of their music, starting with the wonderful "Ghosts of American Astronauts" is here:
The Mekons (Myspace)

On Saturday night, I caught a promising young band, Blah Blah Blah, at the Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival. At times they sounded a little like a cross between the Smiths and Tortoise. I'd go see them again, especially if the Crown Liquor Dancers (actually, a bunch of tipsy neighborhood characters) are in attendance. Seriously, these guys are good, and closing out with a mix & scratch of Michael Jackson and James Brown tunes was a lovely way to end the evening.

Blah Blah Blah [at Sonicbids]

While enjoying a Bramble at The Whistler, I met Eddie Torrez and his partner Andrea. Eddie plays conjunto (Tejano style) accordion with The Delafields, a Chicago alt-country band. For the uninitiated: when conjunto accordion is played, es imposible no bailar. The Delafields next show is at Simon's Tavern on September 12.

The Delafields

Summer days are waning, so don't forget to get your daily dose of soul-fortifying music.



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