Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Music: Was (Not Was) and Man Man

I've been taking a couple weeks off from listening to music. I've been reading a book--an actual book made out of paper--and sitting in my garden, weather permitting.

Last week, I saw the animated feature Ponyo. It was refreshing to watch gorgeous hand-drawn animation again, instead of the slick, computer-generated stuff currently dominating the screen. I remember seeing Luxo, Jr.,the early CGI short by Pixar, at an animation festival in the late 80's. It killed, as they say. The audience actually applauded. At the same showing was Christoph Simon's animation for the Was (Not Was) track "Hello Dad, I'm in Jail." I still really like it, as well as the Was brothers'* foray into hardcore (jazzcore?). I can't believe they're the same guys who did "Walk The Dinosaur." Embedding has been blocked, so watch it here.

*they weren't really brothers

And a more recent selection by Philly's Man Man. Borderline NSFW.

Man Man (Official Site) Link

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