Friday, May 16, 2008

Art School Daze 2

Fire River Walter King

I hardly ever saw Walt during the time we attended CCAD. That's probably because, in addition to a demanding course load, he had a job, a wife and a baby boy. He's now faculty at CCAD, and is a talented and prolific painter. He's also an engaging writer and speaker on all things Art. During our reunion reception, he described to me the history of different color systems, and did so in a way that made me want to know more. If only I had felt the same when I was glueing Munsell chips into my workbook, back in the day.

Conference III Roger Bisbing

During our CCAD years, most of Roger's work, at least what I saw, was in wood and on a largeish scale. Among those I remember was articulated body armor, and a tank with moveable parts and treads, all made out of wood. That's why I find this recent piece especially interesting, since it looks nothing like his old stuff. It depicts one of a series of meetings, or more accurately, meetings indicated by arrays of tiny, empty metal folding chairs. A critic in the Washington Post wrote that the pieces have "an eerie power that belies their cutesiness." The photo can't really convey the meticulous detail, right down to the polished gym floor. It's very cool, and yes, eerie.

Bad Dog Marley! illustrated by Richard Cowdrey

Rick was a tall, thin dude with a mass of wild, red curls. Now, he's a tall, thin dude with still-red, wavy hair. He also looks too young to be a grandfather four times over, but he is. Bad Dog Marley! is an adaption for children of John Grogan's best-selling Marley & Me. It's become a best-seller in its own right, and Rick has illustrated a sequel, A Very Marley Christmas, which will appear in bookstores this September.

Walter King, Portfolio Link

Washington Post article "Thinking Small Has Diminishing Returns" Link

Illustration by Richard Cowdrey Link


Larry said...

Erica attended book club meetings at our local library (Independence Park branch on Irving Park Rd.) and that was one of the books they considered (but didn't ultimately choose) for discussion (Marley and Me, not Bad Dog, Marley ha ha). Quite a coincidence!

We've also got Renata signed up for the Stuart Brent Children's Book "Club" - pricey, but they send her a book each month, nicely wrapped with her name on it. A buddy of mine, Adam Brent, is Stuart Brent's son. I'll have to ask them if they've got Bad Dog, Marley in their arsenal.

I really love that vase in the previous post.

The Fifty Foot Blogger said...

Hi Larry! I read an interview w Grogan, and he said that a number of parents with children were starting to show up at readings and booksignings. Since the original book includes some things which probably shouldn't be shared with kids (miscarriage, struggles w infertility and an attempted rape and stabbing), he decided to do a scaled-down kids version with mostly just the funny stuff.

I think I need one of those vases, myself. :)