Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Health Insurance

Yes, I have it...thank god. We filed an extension on doing our taxes, and I finally added up all of my medical bills from last year. The cost of my cancer treatment in 2007: $114,000.00. That's not counting my drugs, and miscellaneous costs like transportation and purchasing Elisa Jr.* If I had to pay out of pocket, it would have wiped out my life's savings.

*my wig


the cousin formerly known as John said...

Yes,you are fortunate to have good insurance coverage, I'm glad that you do. It would be wonderful if everybody had the healthcare options that are only available to some. Maybe President Obama and the Democratic majority can change things for the better.

I pray I don't encounter any major medical emergencys. All coverage I have is provided by the veterans administration. I am fortunate the Cleveland facility is clean and modern, and staffed with young doctors (interns) that are up to date on all the latest technology.

The Fifty Foot Blogger said...

Wow, so you have to drive approx. 70 miles to get medical care? That's terrible...but yes, it's fortunate that even that exists. "Support Our Troops" is an empty slogan for the current administration.