Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday Music: Robyn Hitchcock

Since we seem to share a fondness for trains and public transportation, it's surprising that I've never seen Robyn Hitchcock in concert. After a career spanning over three decades, he continues to make music, so perhaps I still have a chance. [--just found out that he'll be doing a short tour of the U.S. in November, performing I Often Dream of Trains]

Hitchcock is hard to classify: too folk to be punk, too eccentric to be pop, his songs touch on both mundane daily activities and his neurotic fears. In 1984, Robyn Hitchcock and his band The Egyptians released the album I Often Dream of Trains. Today's selection is from that album. Both songs touch on two very English subjects: trains and the old tram system which used to serve London. In a way, both are love songs.

Trams of Old London

Trams Of Old London

I Often Dream of Trains

I often dream of trains when I'm alone
I ride on them into another zone
I dream of them constantly
Heading for paradise
Or Basingstoke
Or Reading
I often dream of trains when I'm awake
They ride along beside a frozen lake
And there in the buffet car
I wait for eternity
Or Basingstoke
Or Reading
I often dream of trains till it gets light
The summer turns to winter overnight
The leaves fall so suddenly
The sun sets at four o'clock
Exactly what
I'm dreading
I often dream of trains when I'm with you
I wonder if you dream about them too
Maybe we'll meet one night
Out in the corridor
I'm waiting for
You baby...

The Museum of Robyn Hitchcock Link

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