Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunday Music: Johnny Cash

Happy Mother's Day. I'm in Ohio tonight, soldiering on with Mom's dial-up internet provider. She complained that she can never listen to any of my music posts. Not surprising, considering she has a ten-year-old PC with a 46 kbps connection. "Mom, you need DSL." She looked at me strangely. "I do not understand what you just said." I explained that she needed a faster connection. To make matters worse, her freakin' firewall is set up to prevent attack by terrorists. I considered changing the settings, but decided I should leave well enough alone. Thanks for letting me hog your computer, Mom.

Tonight's selection is "I Was There When It Happened," performed by Johnny Cash some time in the mid 1950's on the Town Hall Party, a country music television show. It reminds me of Cash's album My Mother's Hymn Book, one of my favorites.

More on the Town Hall Party Link
My Mother's Hymn Book (at Amazon) Link

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